Garrett Trucking

Garrett History

In 1972, brothers Chuck and Jerry Garrett pooled their resources and one truck to form Garrett Bros., Inc.  Over the next 25 years the two of them worked side by side to grow a successful company through hard work and aggressive planning.  In 1997, the brothers decided to pursue different avenues.  Jerry decided to focus on commercial real estate and Garrett Properties was created in which he has been active in since and continues today.  Chuck decided to continue in the oilfield transportation arena. Garrett Bros., Inc. then became commonly known as Garrett Trucking. In 2007 Garrett Tubular Services was created at has been very successful in handling pipe storage and inspections. In 2017 we combined Garrett Trucking and Garrett Tubular Services to create Garrett LLC. We are excited about servicing the oilfield industry for many years to come.